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Who steers the Internet?

The Internet is a loosely-organized network of networks, which crosses national boundaries and spans the globe. These autonomous and independent networks form the Internet by voluntarily supporting host-to-host communication through the open protocols and procedures defined in the Internet Standards.

So, does this mean no one is at the helm of the Internet?

There is no single body that controls all aspects of the Internet. However, the Internet Standards, which define the fundamental technical characteristics of the Internet, are developed by a group of bodies organised and supported by the Internet Society (ISOC). These bodies are Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), the Internet Research Steering Group (IRSG), the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), and the RFC Editor (which publishes the Internet Standards and other Internet documents).

More about ISOC

The Internet Society is an independent, international, nonprofit, cost-based organization established in 1992 by two of the fathers of the Internet: Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn. We are dedicated to the stability, continuity and advancement of the Internet, not for its own sake but rather for the benefits the Internet can bring to all people.

We accomplish this by advancing critical Internet technologies and best practices, and by providing technical information, advice, and training programs. We have long been very active in capacity building activities that have helped many developing countries get online. Of equal importance, we promote national and international policies that support the expansion and evolution of the Internet throughout the world.

We do all these things by partnering with a broad range of stakeholders, civil society, private sector, governments, and international organizations. The Internet Society is also the organizational home for the groups responsible for Internet standards, including the Internet Engineering Task Force, the IETF, and the IAB. has over 80 chapters around the world including two chapters here in India.

ISOC is headquartered Geneva, Switzerland and Washington, D.C., with a distributed work force in 12 countries, including Region of Bureaus in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. We have been deeply involved throughout the World Summit on the Information Society and then the Internet Governance Forum. Our support of the IGF has been significant, including funding assistance and workshop and program development. But perhaps more importantly, the Internet Society has brought experts from diverse backgrounds and geographies with real on the ground experience to every IGF so that the discussion, the experience sharing, and the practical take-aways are all the richer.

ISOC in India

ISOC has “chapters” around the world. A chapter is a group of ISOC members who come together to represent the Internet needs of their community and to pursue ISOC’s mission of an Internet for everyone. In India there are currently two chapters, ISOC India – Chennai and ISOC India – New Delhi.

Membership at ISOC India – Chennai

Membership in our chapter is open to anyone in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, AP, and Pondichery who is interested in the growth and evolution of the Internet. We would like you to invite you to join ISOC as a global member and the Chennai Chapter as a member. There is an online form to be filled in at page https://members.isoc.org/PortalTools/NewUser/Index.cfm. This short form on submission will pull up a new page asking you to establish a user name and password and with this step you would be logged in to the portal with an option to ‘join a chapter’. Please choose “India Chennai” from the drop down list.

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